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Artist Statement

I am the beneficiary of a good and positive upbringing, of a decent – and continuing – education, of years of work, travel and life experiences. I am also a lifetime practitioner of almost perpetual musing, imagining and mental meandering that, all together, has morphed into a mental and visual distillation through which I view the world around me and how I approach the making and understanding of images. In my work have alternated, throughout my life, between narrative figurative works into a more minimalist abstraction, with landscape at its core. I find both alternatingly satisfying and maddening and when one form has been worked long enough I launch laterally into another until such time as I am motivated to move yet again. I am, at present, well into a protracted period of landscape paintings as well as works on paper. I believe that I owe this period to my introduction, via marriage, to the Australian landscape, which I have enjoyed and frequented for the past 16+ years and find immensely interesting and inspiring.

There is a quote that I found many years ago in a book by John Cage entitled, ‘A Year From Monday’. I have found this quote to be of particular poignancy relative to my approach to image making:

“He worked for many years and as he worked his technique improved but he preferred to keep the ineptitudes, to reveal, that is, not something perfect but something that showed that he was alive while making it.”

Daryl Childs